3 Months, $10 per day, 837 Buyers & Only .70 Cents Per Subscriber!

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Wow? it?s hard to write about this case study because, well? I?m beyond speechless. I?m not sure if I need to say anything at all. Maybe I should just post the images and let the screenshots do all the talking.

But, I will give you a little backstory and the reason why this campaign crushes it because as always, the devil is in the details.

The Backstory Story

This particular Agent, (Let?s call her Cindy) came to me about 3 months ago around the beginning of August, after watching a live webinar I hosted online about Facebook Messenger marketing and chatbots.

After watching the masterclass, she immediately saw the power of Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns and knew she needed to test it out for her market.

Heck, we don?t lock you into any long term contracts, so minimal risk, high reward!

But she signed up and we went to work.

Now, if you don?t know what a messenger bot is, let me give you the low-down.

A messenger bot is a piece of software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to communicate with customers.

But, it?s honestly a simplistic version of AI right now. These bots do not talk back or act on your behalf answering every question a prospect may have.

We are not fully there yet, but give it a couple more years and I will be letting Facebook ads run, letting my bot sell while I?m lying on the beach sipping margaritas. ?

However, the bots we set up are simple but still extremely powerful.

Whenever we open the floodgates on Facebook with our ads that attract, these bots act as the funnel collecting information, scrubbing out the tire kickers and best of all? getting in contact with potential buyers and sellers!

This is amazing because we can now get in contact with people right away without them ever needing to provide their contact info!

This is a big deal because, with the rise of robocalls, telemarketers and new mobile updates let you immediately block unknown calls. It?s getting harder and harder to get in touch with strangers over the phone.

They blow away landing pages big time in my opinion.

Super cool tech and there?s so much more you can do with it, but without geeking out too much in the details, let me just show you the results of Cindy?s campaign thus far.

The Results

First off, let me go over the Facebook ad a little.

I had to blur out the copy because well? that?s kind of the secret sauce of why this ad crushes it and the last thing I need is for everyone to copy it making this ad less effective.

But look at the likes, shares, and engagement!

People are attracted to it like moths attracted to your patio light.

When people do this, this tells Facebook?s algorithm that the ad is good and in return, Facebook rewards you by giving you more exposure in the market and charging you less money.

Now for the stats:

We published this ad around August 6th.

At the time of me writing this post, it?s October 11th, 2019.

Here are the results:

  • Total Subscribers = 837
  • Total Advertising Cost = $636.88
  • Cost Per Subscriber .77 Cents

Now do note, these are not your typical phone number and email leads, I will get into the cost of that later.

These are subscribers in the system and more valuable in many ways in my opinion.

The reason being is because you can have all the emails and phone numbers in the world, but if they are wrong then you are not going to get in contact and if you can?t get in contact, you have no power to do what you do best?sell!

With subscribers, they are either in your system or they are not. Their contact info is their Facebook page and when you want to reach out, the Facebook Messenger chat box pops up and it?s very difficult for people to ignore.

But once they click on the ad and in your system, that?s where the magic happens.

The bot automatically asks them questions to gain more information.

  • “What’s your price range?”
  • “When are you looking to move?”
  • “Are you working with an Agent?”

Whatever we want to ask. We can get creative and it leads to impressive results.

But we also ask what their email and phone number is to collect the lead.

Not only does this method of capturing emails and phone numbers lead to a more high-quality lead, but also it allows us to still connect with the prospect, even if they refuse to give us the proper contact info.

Allowing us to increase our chances of success in salvaging the lead.

Unlike passive systems like landing pages or lead forms, Messenger bots are more aggressive reaching out to the prospect telling them what to do and how to do it.

Oh, and don?t even get me started with their 80% open rates with nurturing and retargeting!

This post is already running a bit longer than I expected so that?s a topic for another time.

But after the subscriber is in the system, the bot asks the subscriber exactly what you want them to ask them and if they answer it all and enter their email and phone number in the end, they turn into a lead. In the traditional sense anyway.

All the info then gets sent to the Agents CRM and then the follow up gets executed there.

Since Cindy?s campaign has been live, she has acquired 880 subscribers in her bot system and a total of 321 traditional leads (name, email, phone number).

Now if you divide that by the total cost of her ad spend? that equals to:

  • Subscribers = 880
  • Leads = 321
  • Total Cost = $678.00
  • Thats only $2.74 cents per lead!

Compare that with a landing page or lead form which often has the same lead costs on average?

Well, the preferred method is a no brainer.

Not only do you get additional info with a more accurate email and phone number, but you also can connect via Facebook Messenger for everyone who dropped off or entered the wrong email or phone number!

Thus increasing your chances dramatically of making a sale.

I will update this post later, but after the first month of the campaign, Cindy had told me she already has 14 people talking to her lender.

I haven?t talked with her about the results since, but I will update this post when I get more info.

Final Words

As you can see I am a huge fan of Messenger Bot Campaigns for the reasons and results described above, but it?s not a guarantee something like this will work in your area.

It may work, it may not, but it depends.

That?s why, if you like this case study and thinking about implementing something like this in your business?

And you rather not spend a lot of time, or money figuring out what works and what doesn?t, or how to tinker with the tech, or find the right bait?

I invite you to hop on a marketing discovery call to learn more.

On this call, I discover what stage you are at in your business and we pull back the curtain on the system that?s getting the best results for our clients at the given moment.

Book a discovery call here and I look forward to talking with you on the other side.


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